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Vacation Rental Homes Perfect for BMT Graduation

Is your dear family member or friend getting ready to graduate from Basic Military Training (BMT) at Lackland AFB? Want to know WHAT HAPPENS NEXT and how to make the most of your visit on graduation week?

Don't overburden yourself with needless worry. Every year tens of thousands of individuals go through Basic Military Training (a.k.a. Boot Camp) at Lackland AFB.

How would we know? We've had the privilege of hosting hundreds of BMT graduate's families staying near Lackland ABF. They all booked at one of our BMT vacation rentals in San Antonio, TX. In the process we've gathered some critical information to help you best prepare for time well spent with your airman during this short graduation weekend!

When your airman receives Town Pass, there is nothing like taking them HOME to one of our BMT vacation rental homes in San Antonio. Your airman will feel the love and support of family and friends as you all reunite and celebrate their huge achievement. Our vacation homes provide an intimate, family-oriented environment, allowing your airman to enjoy a peaceful rest while their favorite meals are prepared in one of our fully-stocked kitchens. We have all the cookware, bake ware and barbecue grill supplies to make your airman's favorite meals and deserts! Reserve now to secure the best vacation rental home that will meet the needs of your group attending BMT graduation.


Although the ceremonies begin Thursday morning, you will be arriving at the base by 0600; that's right, AM! This will allow sufficient time to gain base access with shorter lines, obtain decent parking and complete the 0700 debrief; the debrief is mandatory. Most often our guests will arrive on a Wednesday to plan their route the day before by performing a dry run to the base. After that, the rest is as follows:


On Thursday morning, you'll want to be at the gate bright and early (5:45am - 6am-ish). Debriefing is mandatory and you'll want to get this out of the way; the first debriefing will be at 7am. After ceremonies, you will need to "TAP" your airman out. Your airman will not be able to move or acknowledge you until they have been "Tapped Out". Then you'll get some time on base with your airman; this is Base Liberty. They will not be allowed to leave base on this day, but you will get to spend some time with your airman while attending some of the shops, bowling alley, movie theater, mini mall and restaurants. Your airman will be due back to their dorm by 8:00 p.m.


On Friday, after graduation ceremonies, you will get to visit your airman's dormitory to see where they bunked and how they kept their area. Immediately after you will have the chance for the long awaited "TOWN PASS". Your airman can travel just about anywhere within San Antonio's Loop 1604; do not get this confused with Loop 410; a smaller inner-city loop. There is an exception to go outside Loop 1604 if you plan to visit Six Flags Fiesta Texas. Airman are due back by 8pm, unless you attend one of the approved local sporting events (e.g. San Antonio Spurs Basketball game, Silver Stars Basketball game, Rampage Hockey game, Missions Baseball game or Scorpions Soccer game, etc...), then your airman can stay out until 11 p.m.; you should receive complete details during debriefing.

A SPECIAL NOTE for Friday's Town Pass: your airman may not want to have anything scheduled such as site-seeing and visiting San Antonio's local area attractions. Sometimes all they want to do is go home, curl up in a blanket and rest & relax with their loved ones. That's what one of our San Antonio Vacation Rentals will offer you that San Antonio Hotels cannot; HOME! Equipped with all the cookware, bakeware, barbecue pit, major and minor appliances and all the amenities needed to make your airman their favorite meals and deserts. A warm shower, comfy clothes, a soft bed, a cozy couch and surrounded by those who love and are so very proud of their accomplishments is more often than not, all they want!


On Saturday, beginning at 9am, your airman will receive Town Pass once again. You can take them back to your Vacation Home or explore all that San Antonio has to offer. Your airman will be due back to base by 8pm, unless they attend an approved event as described above, discussed at the debrief and displayed on the dormitory bulletin board.


On Sunday, your airman will NOT have Town Pass, UNLESS they receive Honor Graduate status. Don't be too discouraged if your airman does not receive Honor Grad. Sometimes they will lose it because of the actions of others in their flight. However, if they make it, then all of the privileges mentioned about Friday and Saturday's Town Pass apply; with the exception of an earlier return to base time. If you will be joining your airman on Sunday for Base Liberty, then you are welcome to join them for Sunday morning chapel and then enjoy the establishments that were mentioned for Thursday's Base Liberty.


Immediate family members visiting San Antonio for attendance of their airman's graduation from BMT will receive 10% off the rental rates; proof of attendance required. Upon successful completion of the Air Force Form VARL, Visitor Access Passes will be issued IAW Memorandum for 802 SF5/S5L. The resulting Visitor Access Pass will serve as proof of AF Basic Military Training graduation (BMT) attendance.

What if my airman's graduation date gets pushed back (i.e. recycled to another flight)?

SA Vacay has a very special cancelation policy for BMT graduation purposes. If your AB (Airman Basic) is recycled to another flight, then we will move the dates at no cost to you (note: while it does not cost anything to move the dates, there could be a nightly premium if the new dates fall during a season with higher nightly rates; see our pricing schedule). If the home is not available for the new dates, then we will move you to a comparable home at no additional cost (unless the new dates are during a different season which reflect higher rates). If we do not have any availability at comparable homes for the new dates, we can try and see of one of our other homes can accommodate your stay. If there is not a valid alternative, then SA Vacay will give you a full refund. If your AB is medically discharged, SA Vacay will give you a full refund. Due to this virtually risk-free incentive, in the event of a full refund, written proof from a government entity would be required. Any cancelation due to your AB quitting BMT or withdrawal from the program due to misconduct will be subject to our regular cancelation policy.

THE GAME PLAN (and some money saving tips)

As mentioned before, 90% of BMT graduate families arrive on a Wednesday and check-out on a Sunday. Remember, you will get Base Liberty with your airman on Thursday and Sunday. Town Pass will be enjoyed on Friday and Saturday; even Sunday if your airman receives Honor Grad status. Sometimes our guests save a lot of money if they fly out on a Monday instead of a Sunday flight. Depending on the number of guests you are traveling with, an extra night's stay can be much cheaper than the added airline cost to depart on Sunday. Also, many of our guests have flown into other airports to save money. We have had guests fly into Dallas, Houston & Austin, get their rental car and drive the rest of the way to literally save hundreds and even over a thousand dollars (depending on the guest count) in airfare; you too may want to consider some of these options. We look forward to the opportunity to host your upcoming trip to San Antonio, TX!

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